Quick Answer: What SUV Has The Best Towing Capability?

What vehicles will tow 7000 lbs?

10 SUVs That Can Tow 7000 Lbs.Dodge Durango – 7,400 pounds.Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel – 7,400 pounds.Mercedes-Benz GLS – 7,500 pounds.Audi Q7 3.0 TFSI – 7,700 pounds.Porsche Cayenne – 7,716 pounds.Volkswagen Touareg – 7,716 pounds.Toyota Land Cruiser – 8,100 pounds.Nissan Armada – 8,500 pounds.More items….

How do you increase towing capacity?

How to Increase Towing CapacityGet the Right Hitch. First and foremost, you will need to invest in the right type of hitch. … Use a Programmer. … Replace Axles. … Upgrade the Braking System. … Install a Bigger Radiator. … Upgrade Suspension. … Enhance Your Intake and Exhaust. … Upgrade Your Truck.More items…

What SUV has the most towing capacity?

Read our Big SUV comparison right here!Land Rover Discovery: 8,201 Pounds. … Nissan Armada: 8,500 Pounds. … Infiniti QX80: 8,500 Pounds. … GMC Yukon/Yukon XL: 8,500 Pounds. … Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban: 8,600 Pounds. … Dodge Durango: 8,700 Pounds. … Lincoln Navigator/Navigator L: 8,700 Pounds. … Ford Expedition/Expedition Max: 9,300 Pounds.More items…•

Which mid size SUV has the best towing capacity?

Best Midsize SUVs by Towing Capacity2020 Land Rover Range Rover Sport.2021 Porsche Cayenne.2021 Mercedes-Benz GLE.2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee.2021 Lincoln Aviator.2021 BMW X5.2020 Nissan Pathfinder.2021 Ford Explorer.More items…

How much weight can an SUV pull?

Most SUVs will be rated to tow somewhere between 1,500 pounds and 5,000 pounds. Each one is different, and of course, there are exceptions. Some SUVs can tow more than 5,000 pounds. Equally as important is your vehicle’s payload, curb weight and gross vehicle weight rating.

Can a Jeep Wrangler tow 5000 pounds?

Newer Jeep Wranglers have a higher towing capacity. The JK Wrangler (2006 to present) has some trailer hitches with towing capacity up to 5,000 pounds. The TJ Wrangler (1997-2006) has bumper mounted towing hitches, but chassis-mounted hitches are also available and can tow up to 4,000 pounds.

Which Toyota rav4 can tow 3500 lbs?

Toyota RAV4 LE, XLE and Limited trims will tow 1,500 pounds – a competitive number in the compact crossover segment. With an upgrade to AWD-equipped Toyota RAV4 Adventure and TRD Off-Road trim levels, the maximum towing capacity goes up to 3,500 pounds.

What cars are good for towing?

Best 10 Vehicles for TowingHolden Colorado.Ford Ranger.Toyota HiLux.Ford Everest.Isuzu D-Max.Volkswagen Amarok.Toyota Land Cruiser.Mazda BT-50.More items…

What SUV can tow 5000 lbs?

10 SUVs That Can Tow 5000 Lbs.Chevrolet Tahoe — 8,600-lb Tow Capacity.Ford Expedition — 9,300-lb Tow Capacity.GMC Yukon — 8,500-lb Tow Capacity.Dodge Durango — 8,700-lb Tow Capacity.Jeep Grand Cherokee — 7,200-lb Tow Capacity.Toyota Sequoia — 7,400-lb Tow Capacity.Nissan Pathfinder — 6,000-lb Tow Capacity.Toyota 4Runner — 5,000-lb Tow Capacity.More items…

What SUVs can tow 6000 lbs?

What options are there?Make/ModelEngineMax. Towing CapacityNissan Pathfinder3.5L V66,000 lbs.2019 Porsche Cayenne3.0L Turbo V67,700 lbs.Range Rover Sport3.0L S/C V67,716 lbs.Subaru Ascent2.4L Turbo H45,000 lbs.17 more rows•Jun 14, 2018

What’s the best 4×4 for towing?

Land Rover Discovery. It’s no real shock to see that Land Rover’s Discovery has taken the top spot in our best tow cars list. … SKODA Kodiaq. … BMW 520d Touring. … Nissan Qashqai. … Jaguar F-Pace. … Peugeot 5008. … Volkswagen Tiguan. … Volvo XC40.More items…

What SUVs can tow 3500 lbs?

15 of the Best Towing Vehicles That Aren’t TrucksSubaru Outback XT – 3,500 lbs.Volvo V90 Cross Country – 3,500 lbs.Chrysler Pacifica – 3,600 lbs.Mercedes-Benz Metris – 5,000 lbs.BMW X7 – 7,500 lbs.Mercedes-Benz GLE – 7,700 lbs.Porsche Cayenne – 7,716 lbs.Toyota Land Cruiser – 8,100 lbs.More items…•