Question: Can You Take The NYS 5 Hour Course Online?

How much is the NYS road test?

The fee is $10.00 for two tests.

You can pay for additional road test fees online or by phone at 518-402-2100.

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How many points do you need to pass a road test in NY?

Your examiner gives you the driving test demerit points according to the severity of the mistake you make. The points can run from 5 to 15. A deduction of 35 points will correspond to a failure of the driving test.

Can I take my permit test online in New York?

Yes, before you apply for a learner permit, you can take the written test through the DMV Online Knowledge Test Application (OKTA) program. The test is given at participating high schools across New York State. Students who fail the test can take it again online as many times as the school allows.

How many points does a defensive driving course take off in NY?

four pointsSo how does it work? Once you complete the course, we will notify the New York DMV. At that point, it will be entered on your driving record and it will automatically reduce your active point total by up to four points.

What is the easiest defensive driving course online?

Top 5 Easiest Online Traffic School CoursesiDriveSafely is my top recommended easiest online traffic school. … Go To Traffic School has a lot of things going for it. … Aceable is one of the newest online traffic schools that was just developed a few years ago, but it already makes the list of one of the easiest online traffic school courses out there.More items…•

How long does the NYS online defensive driving course take?

320 minutesNew York Defensive Driving Courses take 320 minutes to complete, as mandated by the state of New York. Since this course is 100% online you do not need to complete it all at once – you may log out and in as often as you need during the 30 day period you have to complete the course.

How much does drivers ed cost in NY?

Course Information The cost for the online New York drivers education course is $2495 $19 95.

How do I pass my road test in NY?

TIPS FOR DURING YOUR NEW YORK ROAD TESTSteer and accelerate smoothly and moderately whether your driving straight ahead, backing up or turning. … Don’t drive too slow. … Brake smoothly. … Turn into the same lane. … Always look in the direction you’re driving. … Stop correctly at stop signs.

Is the 5 hour course mandatory in NY?

A. Yes, the 5 Hour Course is mandatory for anybody who wants to obtain a NYS Drivers License, It does not matter if you are 18 or 68 you still have to take it.

Which online defensive driving course is best in NY?

iDriveSafelyReview #1: iDriveSafely iDriveSafely is certified as a New York online defensive driving course for point reduction and insurance discounts. This is without a doubt, the highest quality course available in New York.

What is a 5 hour pre licensing course?

The Classroom Pre-licensing Course, also known as “the 5-hour classroom course,” is a DMV-designed classroom course that provides new drivers with information to help them drive safely.

How long is a 5 hour course certificate good for in NY?

one yearYour 5-hour certificate is valid for one year from the date it is issued. If your 5 hour certificate expires,you must complete the class again to receive the certificate to schedule a road test.

What age can you drive after 9 in NY?

Upstate, teens may not drive between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m., except to or from school or work. In Nassau and Suffolk counties, teens may drive unsupervised to or from work and driver education. For other trips, they may only drive between 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. when accompanied by a licensed driver age 21 or older.

How long does it take to get a road test appointment in NY?

The road test scheduling system offers the earliest available dates and times at sites near the zip code you provide. Usually, the earliest date is within three to five weeks, but at peak testing periods during summer and school breaks it may be up to 10 weeks away. There are no waiting lists.

Can I take the 5 hour course online?

According to reports from Metro Source News: Prospective drivers would be able to take a required five-hour training and instruction course without leaving home. The online option is set to start in June and run until at least 2025… Soon you won’t need to attend a 5 Hour Course in person.

Where can I take the 5 hour pre licensing course in NYC?

Many locations offering the 5-hour pre-licensing course in NYC, such as Drive Rite Academy, allow walk-ins with no appointment necessary. However, all course providers require that each student possess a valid New York learner’s permit to register and take the course.

How do I get my drivers license in NY?

Get a driver licenseStep 1: Determine what license class and type you need. Class. … Step 2: Get a learner permit. Before you can get a license, you must apply for a learner permit at DMV office and take the written test. … Step 3: Practice driving and take a pre-licensing course. … Step 4: Pass a road test.

Is the 5 hour course really 5 hours?

The New York 5-Hour Online Pre-Licensing Course takes about five hours to complete. It includes nine learning modules and at least 270 minutes of instruction. The course modules are not timed, so you can finish at your own pace and take multiple breaks.

How long do you have to wait to get your license in NY?

If you are under age 18, you must wait at least 6 months from the date you received your learner permit to schedule your road test.