Question: Can I Use Any Speaker As A Center Speaker?

Do you really need a center channel speaker?


If you are creating a setup for music alone, then a center channel speaker probably isn’t necessary.

So, adding a center channel won’t really provide you with any benefit, unless the music has been designed to play in a surround sound setup..

Do surround speakers need to be behind you?

If side placement isn’t practical, place your surround speakers a few feet behind your listening position and face them forward. You’ll want your surrounds one to two feet above ear level to get the best sound effects. Place your surround speakers 1 to 2 feet above ear level for immersive special effects.

Can I use center speaker as front?

“It is what’s called an LCR speaker, meaning that you can use the same speaker for the front left, center, and front right. Of course, you can also use them for the sides and rear.”

How do I choose a center channel speaker?

When searching for a center channel speaker, always look for a “three-way design” with vertically aligned tweeter and midrange. This allows it to perform closer to a full range speaker and also radiate a more disperse soundfield, while enabling the acoustic image to track accurately across the front stage.

Can a bookshelf speaker be used as a center channel?

Now as for how to use a bookshelf as a center, the short answer is the same way that you would use it as a left or right speaker, as the center channel is no different from the left & right channels, really. In this case the speaker would be standing upright (true of most speakers).

What is the best center channel speaker for the money?

Top 10 Best Center Channel Speakers Reviews In 2020Polk Audio Signature S35- The Best Overall Center Speaker.Klipsch RP-250C- High on the Price Spectrum.Pioneer Elite SP-EC73- The Best Floor Stander.Polk Audio CS10- Best Value Center Speaker.Definitive Technology ProCenter 1000- The most compact.More items…

Can I use my TV speakers as a center channel?

TV models with the center speaker mode capability will have a CENTER SPEAKER IN terminal on the back. If you have a Home Theater (with AV receiver), you can use the TV speakers as a center speaker by connecting the AV receiver to the CENTER SPEAKER IN terminal of the TV.

Should rear speakers be louder than front?

If you feel the rears need to be louder, then they need to be louder. If you amp has an Auto-Setup, then use it, but don’t necessarily trust it. … For example, the Auto-Setup will balance the center speaker with the others, but may feel they want the center louder to bring out dialog in the movie.

What is the purpose of a center channel speaker?

The primary function of a center channel speaker is to provide the perfect balance between the left and right set of speakers. The result of this is seamless sound across all your speakers. It also gives you a natural sound although all these will down to your setup.

How high should a center channel speaker be?

The fix: Place your center speaker at ear level when seated. This is usually around 30” to 50” off the ground. If your theater set up doesn’t allow you to place the center speaker this high, you can improve the sound of a low positioned speaker by tilting it up so that the sound fires at your ear level.

How do I make my center channel louder?

First go through your sound systems settings and increase the volume level of your center channel speaker. You can play around with decreasing the other speakers to get to a balance you like. This way the sound levels for the center channel audio are louder than the rest.

Why is music louder than dialogue on TV?

The audio mix is optimized to a totally different set of equipment than than you are listening on. And how you’ve adjusted your system can affect how easy or hard it is to hear the dialogue. … Modern sound mixes are designed to be heard on surround sound systems that feature anywhere from 4 to 12 speakers.

Should the center channel be louder?

No, when properly calibrated, the center should not be louder than the fronts. The numbers you see in the setup doesn’t mean the center is louder (or not as loud). Those adjustments exist so that you can account for differences in loudness between speaker models (e.g. your center vs.

Should center speaker be above or below TV?

Vertical Positioning Usually, having the center speaker directly below the TV will be the best spot. This should be roughly ear level and will simulate sound coming from the TV best. If you can’t put it below the TV, the next best place is directly above it.

How far should speakers be from TV?

The distance between the stereo speakers should match the distance that you are sitting from the television. For example, if you are sitting 6 feet from the television, then each stereo speaker needs to be 3 feet away from the television. The center speaker should be aligned with the center of your television.

Are tower speakers better than bookshelf?

In general, tower speakers are better. … A bookshelf usually has smaller drivers (what one sees on the front of the speaker that produces sound). Drivers that are smaller usually tend to have less impact when it comes to bass frequencies.

Can I use two speakers for center channel?

There is no reason to go for two center channels. All that will do is introducing all kinds of lobing and comb-filtering into the sound, and destroy the original intended sound. It might make for a cool flanging or phasing sound effect though, depending on the distance between speakers.