How Do I Cancel My Sea Tow Membership?

Is AAA Better Than Good Sam?

Good Sam is an RV company first, whereas AAA is an automobile company offering RV service as an added option.

Good Sam offers better pricing, covers more vehicles and family members and has better basic coverage limits.

AAA offers the best towing coverage and winching service but falters in the other categories..

Can I use my AAA to tow a friend’s car?

Will AAA help you in your friend’s car? Yes! Because your AAA membership follows you, you’re covered for service in any vehicle you’re driving or riding in. There’s no need to keep your vehicle info on file or worry about coverage when you’re traveling with others.

Is BoatUS a good insurance?

BoatUS Financial Strength & Reputation BoatUS has superior financial ratings with two of the major U.S. credit rating agencies: A.M. Best and Moody’s. The company is a subsidiary of Geico Marine Insurance, which holds a Better Business Bureau rating of A- with only a single negative customer review and five complaints.

Does AAA cover boat towing?

Protection for Recreational Vehicles & More! RVs: Motorhomes, travel trailers or pickups with campers. Motorcycle coverage available: Includes 100 miles of towing, free fuel delivery and more. Trailers: AAA Premier RV covers motorcycles, boats, personal watercraft, ATVs, utility, unoccupied livestock and snowmobiles.

How much does a Sea Tow franchise cost?

Initial Start Up Investment — Franchisees are required to have between $125,000 and $275,000 based on market requirements and the size of the awarded franchise. Liquid Capital — Franchisees are required to maintain at least $50,000 based on the size of the awarded franchise.

Can you text Sea Tow?

For additional help, text HELP to 883383 or contact or call 800-4-SEATOW. Sea Tow respects your right to privacy. You can view our privacy policy here.

Does Sea Tow cover jet skis?

“Sea Insure coverage is exclusively available to Sea Tow members, but it only takes a few minutes to join Sea Tow online or at your local Sea Tow operation, and membership comes with free towing and a wealth of other benefits both on and off the water, including for your PWC” McKinnon said.

Does Sea Tow cover the Bahamas?

Q: Does my Sea Tow Membership provide me with benefits in the Bahamas? How does that work? A: Yes. We do not currently have a Sea Tow boat operating in the Bahamas but you are eligible under your out-of-area coverage to receive up to $5,000 per incident for anything covered by your Sea Tow Membership.

How much is Seatow?

Membership ComparisonMembership Privileges:Gold CardCommercial CardPrice per year$179$179 +$100 per hour for services renderedJoin Now »Join Now »

How much do tow boat captains make?

An early career Tug Boat Captain with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $98,453 based on 17 salaries. A mid-career Tug Boat Captain with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $88,027 based on 21 salaries.

How much does Sea Tow cost a year?

For $179 per year plus $100/hour, the Commercial Card offers many of the same benefits as the Gold Card, on the one boat covered by the membership. Membership Agreement.

How Far Will Sea Tow tow you?

We do not have any specific offshore distance limits. How far offshore Sea Tow will go to get you is only limited by the sea conditions, fuel capacity of our boats and our ability to communicate with you.

Which is better Sea Tow vs BoatUS?

The biggest distinction between Sea Tow and BoatUS is how operators are contracted. Sea Tow has franchises for exclusive areas of operation. Prospective owner/operators go through a rigorous screening and training process before they are licensed.

How does Sea Tow work?

Towing Services: The member will receive one vessel per incident for assistance towing, or other covered service, when the covered vessel becomes disabled while away from the member’s home port. If multiple Sea Tow vessels are required additional charges may apply. Members get priority over non-members.

Does Sea Tow offer boat insurance?

Boat Insurance | Sea Insure presented by Sea Tow.

How much does a Sea Tow captain make?

Sea Tow SalariesJob TitleSalaryCustomer Service Representative salaries – 2 salaries reported$15/hrDispatcher salaries – 1 salaries reported$13/hrCustomer Service Call Center salaries – 1 salaries reported$13/hrCaptain salaries – 1 salaries reported$17/hrOct 29, 2020

How much does boat towing cost?

The average cost to tow a boat can range from $125 to $250 for a 40-mile tow. However, depending on the towing company’s services and the distance traveled, this price can be much higher or lower. Other factors that can influence the price include the size of the boat as well as the time of day.

How many times can you call AAA in a year?

As a member you may call for help as many times as you need it. Every membership year, you and all the other members of your family who join AAA are each allowed up to four (4) free calls for Roadside Assistance each. After that, a service charge applies.

How far offshore will BoatUS go?

30 milesExtended UNLIMITED SERVICE AREAS, 30 miles or more offshore, are available in many locations and can be found online at or by calling the BoatU. S.