Fingerprint Cards launches plug & play biometric sensor module for the access control market

Easy-to-integrate module minimizes time to market for physical and logical access

World-leading biometrics company, Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints™) today announces the launch of a unique fingerprint authentication module, FPC BM-Lite, specifically designed for physical and logical access devices and applications such as residential, smart door locks, padlocks, cabinet locks, FIDO tokens, crypto wallets and more.

The FPC BM-Lite module is a seamless, standalone biometric system, compact and easy to integrate, developed to minimize time to market. The all-in-one module contains all components you need – hardware, software and algorithm – ready to be integrated out of the box. With proven biometric performance and a small footprint, it can be applied in new devices and applications where a secure and smooth way to authenticate users is desired. It has best-in-class power consumption and comes with unique features for an excellent everyday user experience. And with the built-in processor, all biometric calculations can be done in a fraction of a second.

“IoT is connecting the world around us, so the ways we access our homes and digital services need to keep up,” comments Thomas Rex, SVP BL Smartcards, Automotive & Embedded at Fingerprints. “As the number of connected devices is growing, the need for seamless and secure access to devices and applications is essential to remove the hassle with PINs and passwords. The new module combines Fingerprints’ proven technology to make life simple for device makers and end users – a perfect example of how biometrics can make things genius.”

With all brilliant ideas out there and Fingerprints’ long expertise within biometrics, we are excited to enable innovations and to fuel biometrics to grow into new sectors.

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